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The Gemtrade Company was founded in 2011 and, with its expert Karl J. Vogler, has become a well known, successful, world-wide trading company. The company deals in diamonds, high quality coloured gemstones, natural pearls and fine jewellery. Gemtrade has specialisesd in the purchase of gemstones and jewellery from private individuals.

Gemtrade AG trades in diamonds, high-quality colored gemstones, natural pearls and fine jewellery.

Gemtrade AG has specialized in the purchase of precious stones and pieces of jewellery from private hands.

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Karl J. Vogler

Karl J. Vogler’ s passion for gemstones and jewels began over 40 years ago during his studies in the fields of geology and mineralogy, followed by a scientific function in the Gübelin gemmological laboratory. He is also a certified diamond and gemstones assessor FGA. His expert competence is enhanced by his long-standing experience in the international trading of gemstones and jewellery. Karl J. Vogler commands a world-wide network of first class business acquaintances and networks.

  • Karl J. Vogler has a worldwide first-class business relationship network.
  • Gemtrade acts according to the ethical values of the international gem trade.
  • You can benefit from the following advantages of Gemtrade AG:
    • Expert knowledge, seriousness, security, passion, transparency and comprehensive advice.
    • Your trust, our professionalism and discretion - your claim, our competence.
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